Please Join Us This Sunday Morning, August 25, for Coffee and Fellowship at 10:30; Service at 11:00




Please join us this Sunday morning, August 25, as Member Linda Hoagland shares her insights on the benefit and value of meditation as a life tool.

No one can dispute the benefits that a daily meditation ritual will have on your body both emotionally and physically. However, getting into a daily routine is often a daunting task. You may try to sit and quiet your mind, and find yourself recalling your shopping list or find yourself going over your last meeting with the boss. Don't despair and give up!

There is no one best way to meditate. However, there is probably a best way for YOU to meditate that will be unique for you.  By checking out different styles of meditation and relaxation techniques, you can be on the way to an ideal routine for you. Let's explore a few different types of meditation and some tips that might help you to create your routine. I have put together a few thoughts courtesy of Vojtech Schlesinger that may help you start a great daily routine.

Meditation plays a strong role for many Unitarian Universalists as we practice our faith.  Our UU seven principles and six sources that inform our daily lives benefit from the centering and stillness that meditation can provide.
Linda has lived in Lafayette, LA, for the past 5 years. Prior to that, she lived in six different states and six different countries.
Linda has five college degrees (1 associate, 2 Bachelors, 3 Masters) and has been employed in such diverse jobs as nursing (Singapore), university professor (China), telephone operator (Scotland) and Social Worker (United States).  Currently, Linda teaches English as a Second Language (ESL) at SLCC.
Linda is ordained and available to perform weddings, baptisms, funerals and other occasions.  To date she's performed twelve weddings including same sex weddings with proceeds donated to the Fellowship.