Our friends in the League of Women Voters are put out this call to action:Tuesday, August 18th, both the parish and city councils will vote on FINAL ADOPTION OFCO-069-2020 and PO-035-2020. The agreement will establish an early voting site at the Martin Luther King Center off of W. Willow St. in Lafayette. This is a compromise proposal negotiated by City Councilman Lewis to ensure a fully accessible early voting site for Lafayette Parish. If this passes both councils, Lafayette Parish will have 3 early voting locations available in October for early voting!The League has long advocated for a fully accessible, adequate early voting site for all of Lafayette Parish. See here for background of LWV-Lafayette efforts to push for a large, centrally located early voting site other than the 1010 Lafayette St. Registrar of Voters’ Office. 
Call and write your councilman! (map of council districts)

Urge them to vote YES on this item! Tell them you support parish and city efforts to expand access …

Fw: Aug 18: A virtual play celebrating U.S. suffrage centennial

I belong to this group, in case you are interested Linda

----- Forwarded Message ----- From: International Women's Convocation <> To: Linda Schaller <> Sent: Saturday, August 15, 2020, 11:01:35 AM CDT Subject: Aug 18: A virtual play celebrating U.S. suffrage centennial
Finish the Fight" celebrates the unsung heroes of suffrageFinish the Fight:
A Special Digital Play Celebrates 100 Years of Women's Right to Vote
Tune in to "Finish the Fight," on Tuesday, August 18, on the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The virtual play celebrates the unsung heroes: Black, Asian, Latinx, Native American, and queer women who were at the forefront of the suffrage movement in the U.S. The performance is available for free to viewers who R.S.V.P. in advance.

Finish the Fight: The Story Behind the Story

As part of its examination of the 19th Amendment centennial, The New York Times is publishin…

UU Ministry for Earth - Documentary Screening and Discussion

An Online Screening and Discussion of the documentary! I am signed up, but thought other folks might find this interesting. If we can share with the fellowship. Thanks!


UUA General Assembly Public (free) Sessions

Even if you do not register for the Virtual General Assembly which costs $150, you can still stream many of the sessions online. Go to this link to see the schedule of public events and get the event streaming link:

Sunday June 21, 2020 Service

Join our Sunday, June 21st (10:30-11am Fellowship, 11am Service) HERE. View the Order of Service Presentation HERE. Our theme will be 'Siding with Love'

Juneteenth Rally

Join Move the Mindset for a Juneteenth Rally and celebration, June 19, 2020, at 6 p.m.

Congregations typically pay the Adjunct Team member's travel, stipend and other expenses of facilitation (ie copying or printing costs). The Adjunct Team member's stipend will be paid at the rates below, per Adjunct Team member participating. Please note: a unit is understood to be morning, afternoon or evening—generally a 4ish hour block of time.$150 per unit on-site for an experienced Adjunct Team member$105 per unit on-site for an Adjunct Team member in trainingup to $200 for up to 4 hours of prep work$100 if an optional report is requested by the CongregationThese rates and the total amount expected will be disclosed upfront in the agreement between Southern Region and the Congregation. Payment to the Southern Region (not directly to the Adjunct Team member) is expected within 2 weeks of completion of an assignment.Congregations which have been Fair Share/Honor congregations for at least one year prior to the consultation receive a 25% discount on the Adjunct Team member(s…

Southern Region UUA Transformation Process

We offer an intensive conflict resolution/transformation program for congregations that are willing to fully commit to a multi session process. There is an expectation that a formal agreement be completed and there is a cost for the program. Please let us know if you'd like to initiate a conversation about this for UUF Lafayette.
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Diane Kirksey
Compassionate Communication of Lafayette, LA

Fw: UPLIFT - #WeCantBreathe - A UUA Virtual Prayer Vigil Tomorrow Evening

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Beloved Diane,

JOIN US as we gather to uplift Black resistance…decry white supremacy…grieve the murder of Black lives and recommit to living our Unitarian Universalist values.

#WeCantBreathe - A UUA Virtual Prayer Vigil
Tomorrow, June 2nd, 8 PM – 9:30 PM EDT / 5PM - 6:30 PM PDT

RSVP for Zoom information.

Just Acts: #WeCantBreathe - A UUA Virtual Prayer Vigil Tomorrow Evening

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Just Acts: #WeCantBreathe - A UUA Virtual Prayer Vigil Tomorrow Evening
Beloved Diane,