Congregations typically pay the Adjunct Team member's travel, stipend and other expenses of facilitation (ie copying or printing costs). The Adjunct Team member's stipend will be paid at the rates below, per Adjunct Team member participating. Please note: a unit is understood to be morning, afternoon or evening—generally a 4ish hour block of time.

  • $150 per unit on-site for an experienced Adjunct Team member

  • $105 per unit on-site for an Adjunct Team member in training

  • up to $200 for up to 4 hours of prep work

  • $100 if an optional report is requested by the Congregation

These rates and the total amount expected will be disclosed upfront in the agreement between Southern Region and the Congregation. Payment to the Southern Region (not directly to the Adjunct Team member) is expected within 2 weeks of completion of an assignment.

Congregations which have been Fair Share/Honor congregations for at least one year prior to the consultation receive a 25% discount on the Adjunct Team member(s) stipend and a 50% discount on travel expenses.

Congregations which have been Fair Share/Honor for five or more years prior to the consultation will receive a 50% discount on the on the Adjunct Team member(s) stipend and will not be expected to pay travel costs.

Adjustments will be made on the agreement between the Southern Region and the Congregation at the discretion of SR Congregational Life staff.  The amount a Congregation is expected to pay does not impact how much an Adjunct Team member will receive.

For more information contact

Diane Kirksey
Compassionate Communication of Lafayette, LA